Nostalgic Criminal

by Tireddd

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Self-recorded on tape

Russia, Saint-Petersburg

Colanade Magic Bros.


released March 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Colanade Magic Bros. Saint Petersburg, Russia

Санкт-Петербург / Пыво-Ленд

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Track Name: Cheap Quest
on your bloody walk
rest your mind
stare again
stare again

fields in the diamonds
and bloody stalks
when passion ends
you'll rush for more

do the cheap quest(4x)

on your creepy ways
in dance with lies
feel the land
and run again

crawl to get up
and run to stop
feel your land
stare again

do the cheap quest(4x)
Track Name: 12 AM
i found myself alone
when (the) time (has) passed
(to) twelve am
i don't even know
who i am

allow yourself
immortal science
immortal sense
when despair becomes intense

in lust
in trust
in love
in old feeling
that everything around
is fades
can broke my heart again

allow yourself
immortal science
immortal sense
that's drop me in-
-to the space behind a screen
i am silent scream
and i'm begin
to flow and fall
at 12 am
Track Name: Come Alone
what you gonna do
with your restless head?
what should I do
when you get mad?

come in through the red door
then up the stairs
the third door on the right
baby, it's allright

everything changes by the color
of the glass you see it through
free you mind, girl
open your eyes to the truth

lights shine so bright
the walls are red and white
you're standing in a black dress
baby, get undressed